Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What you need to do after your B.R.I.

Another repost of information provided by Pennsylvania CareerLink.


1.  Individual TAA Eligibility Determinations(Form FP-857): The TAA program has two levels of eligibility determination, group and individual. You have already been determined eligible as a group. You filled out an application (Form FP-855) at your B.R.I. to apply for a TAA Individual Determination. 

If you already had your Last Day of Work: You should receive your TAA Individual Determination via mail (Form FP-857) from Unemployment Compensation 3-4 weeks after your B.R.I. Be sure to open all of your mail! If your Individual Determination does not arrive in 3-4 weeks after your BRI, contact the UC Service Center at 1-888-313-7284 and ask to speak to a Trade Unit Representative.

If you have NOT YET had your last day of work: Contact the UC Service Center after your last day of work, ask to speak to the Trade Unit and request your TAA Individual Determination (Form FP-857).
TAA Individual Determinations are issued by the UC Service Center, NOT CareerLink® or anyone else.

2. Individual TAA Determinations & Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC): The IRS will mail you an enrollment packet for the HCTC program AFTER they receive notice from UC Service Center that you have been issued a TAA Individual Determination (Form FP-857). You can NOT sign-up for HCTC until the UC Service Center issues your determination and forwards that information to the IRS.

3. What you can do while waiting for your Individual Determination: In order to apply for and receive benefits under the TAA Program, you must complete the Dual Enrollment Process. Step 1 is to register on the PA CareerLink’s® CWDS website at if you have not already done so. You will need to input your resume information to show 10yrs of work history (if you have 10yrs), your education history and any military service history. You can do this from home, or if you are not comfortable using a computer, stop by your local CareerLink® office and staff can assist you with your registration and your resume. Step 2 of Dual Enrollment is to contact your local CareerLink® for an appointment to complete a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) application. Staff will instruct you on what documents you will need to bring to this meeting. Most workers will also complete an Assessment Test and can be assigned a Case Manager that can help you to explore your options for training under TAA.

4. Track Any and All of your Job Search Activity: Any jobs you apply to on the PA CareerLink® CWDS website will be archived. Use the Job Search Activity form in your BRI Folder to keep track of any activities related to looking for work, even if the company was not hiring. If you apply for training or education funds under TAA, the application must include at least 3 job contacts in the last 60 days

5. When you receive your Individual Trade Determination: As soon as you receive your Individual Determination from Unemployment Compensation, you should contact your local PA CareerLink® and make an appointment with the TAA Coordinator. Refer to the list of TAA coordinators in your folders.

6. If you intend on pursuing training or education using TAA Benefits: Work with your local CareerLink® office to review what programs are eligible for TAA funding and to decide on the program that is right for you. The list of eligible programs can be viewed on the PA CareerLink® website at Don’t wait until the last minute, start working with CareerLink ASAP. Training must be approved prior to starting class. TAA will not pay for courses retroactively.

7. If you intend in returning to workforce immediately: The TAA Program provides a wide range of benefits to assist you in becoming re-employed. Work with your local TAA Coordinator to understand what benefits you are eligible for and what you need to do to utilize them. Use the services available to you through the PA CareerLink® and the TAA program to assist you to find new suitable employment.

 8. Remember your Waiver!: Don’t forget make an appointment with the TAA Coordinator at your CareerLink® to complete a Waiver. A Waiver preserves your rights to TRA Cash Benefits and HCTC. You should complete a Waiver 20 Weeks from the Certification Date of the TAA Petition, or from your last day of work, whichever is later. If a waiver is not in place 26 weeks from the petition certification date or your last day of work (whichever is later), you stand to lose your TRA and HCTC eligibility.

You will not be contacted to remind you about your waiver so mark your calendars accordingly!