Thursday, August 26, 2010



Email Address: Most companies with online application systems require you to have an email address to even apply. They will often send important info to the email address.

If you don’t have an email account you have easy access to, sign up for one with one of the many free providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google Gmail.

Buy yourself a “Flash” or “USB” storage drive. It will make it much easier to upload your resume to employer’s websites with a paperless application system.

Can also store “Templates” of documents i.e. Cover Letters, References, Thank You’s.

How to find Word Templates: open Word, click on “Help”, then “Office on the Web”

Click on “Templates” search, preview, download and save the templates as needed.

Research corporate websites, many companies list openings on their site exclusively

Many sites will allow you to upload and send a resume even if no openings are listed

Advertising is expensive, so many small to medium businesses are not doing any advertising of their openings. Be aggressive, call and ask the receptionist who you should address a resume to at that company to get it in the right hands.

Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work, and what kind of work you are looking for. Use your network; multiply the number of eyes and ears on the street

If you know an employee at a company you would like to work for, have them hand in a resume and cover letter for you. A good employee vouching for you can mean a lot.

No openings today, does not mean no openings tomorrow, next week or next month

Register yourself with reputable staffing agencies. They get paid to place qualified people. Be sure to specify your requirements and pay rate up front with them.

Current market is heavily tilted to employers favor as there are more applicants per opening. Takes longer for a response, interview and attitude more important than ever

Prepare yourself to be low-balled on salary in this type of labor marker. Employers are trying to get the best employee they can for the cheapest possible price in this market

Take the time to research the company before an interview. Read the Press Releases, News and About Us sections if they have a website, easy way to glean good information

Prepare rigorously for your interview. Be prepared to answer the common questions that you know are coming. Rehearse your answers; you’ll be more relaxed in the chair

Have someone do a mock interview with you using those high percentage questions, they can tell you things that you are doing subconsciously, eye contact, fidgeting, umms

DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED AND QUIT ON YOURSELF. Job search will be long and arduous for many. This is not a reflection of you or your abilities, but the economy

It’s hard for people to talk about their accomplishments and abilities without feeling embarrassed don’t shortchange yourself. “It ain’t bragging if you done it”

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